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We Apply our Expertise to Make Your Vision a Reality.

Architecture is a means of cultivating human ambition into a solid structure. It is the art of engineering that supports both personal growth and ecological health. We see design as an opportunity to have a positive, powerful impact on communities, ecosystems and most importantly, your life.

Working With You Every Step of the Way.

Our team knows that the most powerful, meaningful designs come to fruition through a collaborative and enjoyable relationship with each client. There is no template for building your vision.

Professional Development for a Solid Foundation.

Every project has certain characteristics we take into account, including economic, social and environmental factors. We know the best results are fostered through applying our leadership and expertise to your desires. This is why we offer a free consultation to ensure you are comfortable, confident, equipped, and fully informed before making any decisions, whether with us or another firm.

Every Detail.

Our goal is to make the construction process easy for you. This is why we offer a complete service: We draft the blueprints with you, take care of all the legal framework, such as obtaining permits, and manage the construction so you only have to deal with one main contact: us. Beyond delivering the best professional services in construction, we strive to help our clients learn more about design and development industry practices.

Since 1988.

We are committed to making sure all your expectations are met. We want to optimize the potential of your property and find the best route to turn your vision into a reality.


We have been providing design and construction services for the greater Los Angeles area since 1988. We have extensive experience in ground-up building, remodeling, and retrofit for residential and commercial properties.

Nathan Lavian is the founder and Principal owner of Lavian Design. He has been working in the Los Angeles area since 1988. He holds a Bachelor’s and Masters in Architecture and a Masters in Architectural Mixed Use Development. Before starting Lavian Design, he worked on many projects including:

  • Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood
  • LA Convention Center, Los Angeles
  • LA Metro Rail Project, Los Angeles
  • Beverley Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills
  • The California Club, Los Angeles
  • Aon Center (First Interstate Bank Tower), Los Angeles